Do a search for “saving journalism”

If you’re like me and the recent news about the New York Times job cuts made you type into a search engine “save journalism”, then these are some of the top search results you got:

  1. Columbia Journalism Review: Saving Journalism, how to nurse the good stuff until it pays (An essay by the same author of The Vanishing Newspaper: Saving Journalism in the Information Age with a rather traditional media perspective)
  2. was also prompted to blog an S.O.S. for journalism following the avalanche of job cuts in newsrooms across the nation and the disappointing “negativity and dog-fighting among journalism blogs
  3. explains How Bloggers Will Save Journalism addressing the many answers new media offers the 21st-century challenges: new technologies (such as Amazon’s Kindle), investigative journalism with shrinking staff, the need for purists and romantics to adapt, market saturation, high overhead, craigslist and more.  The suggestion for “government bailout” is questionable, however.
  4. sprouted two results on my search. One challenged the assumption that saving journalism means saving journalism jobs. This suggestion that media progress is synonymous with newspaper job cuts makes me nervous because it plays into greedy shareholders’ hands.
  5. And the second result was a (looong) blog on the Norg UnConference  held at the Annenberg School of Communications in Philadelphia. Although the title of the post sounds combative, Saving Journalism and Killing the Press, the principles guiding the “unconference”were great: cooperation, mutualism, continuing the conversation, and more. Jeff Jarvis even writes,

    I say this is the day that the war ends. This isn’t journalism against bloggers anymore. It never was, really. This is journalists and bloggers together in favor of news.


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