State of the News Media 2008 by the Project for Excellence in Journalism

If the authors had wished to print the 180,000 words of this annual report on American journalism, it would have used 700 pages of paper per hard copy. But in just one of the report’s many signals that everyone concerned with the business of journalism should “take advantage of the capabilities of the Web”, the Project for Excellence in Journalism chose to publish exclusively online.

Some points—such as news today is a service, not a product, or the media are no longer final destinations for consumers—likely made the news evolutionists wonder if they would discover anything from the report, while other findings—like the general disappointment in user-created content, the perception that the newsroom is the more innovative and experimental part of the news industry, and the agenda of the American news media continuing to narrow, not broaden—have no doubt added new dimensions and considerations to the debate of the transforming press.

Blogosphere and mainstream media weigh in: blogger Alfred Hermida pointing out trends highlighted in the report that have been long debated by the new-media vanguard.

Media Business Analyst for the Poynter Institute, Rick Edmonds, on advertising, which was explored heavily in the report.

Web Has Unexpected Effect on Journalism, Associated Press


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