News media as social development?

Im pretty sure that the champion of justice and equity second from the left is a reporter.

I'm pretty sure that the champion of justice and equity second from the left is a reporter.

From now on this blog will record the progress on my theory that the future model of the news is one of service to local communities; a theory based on the assumptions that such a path is the only way for news organizations to survive as relevant institutions and because they are the best candidates to fulfill the growing needs of society for purposeful, service-driven information (versus consumer-driven entertainment).

Today I received my acceptance letter to participate in the FUNDAEC course Constructing a Conceptual Framework for Social Action in an online format administered by Lazos Learning. Through the study, assignments and practices of this curriculum, I hope to develop and articulate my ideas on where social action factors into the future of journalism.  As far as possible and appropriate, I hope to share my thoughts generated throughout the learning and discovery process.

In the application to the course, I was prompted to explain why I am interested in participating in the format as well as my expected outcomes, to which I replied:

My chief aim is to acquire a practical, relevant and rich foundation of knowledge of the concepts of social transformation. On this foundation I hope to construct a framework for making a contribution to the discourse on journalism and social action.

Two of the key words there are “relevant” and “contribution”, for reasons which, I am sure, I will explain in full detail in future posts.


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